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Throughout the history man has strived to achieve the most conformable environment, with the use of technology available at the time.
This endeavour led to the development and subsequent innovations in different fields concerned with the buildings. Today various aspects of building technologies, Today various aspects of building technologies, structural-electrical-mechanical-air-conditioning, etc., have attained highly developed form and involves specialised services from technically qualified and experienced personnel.
Although the various aspects need highly specialised services independently, it is also true that at no stage during the process of design and execution, these various services, can be treated independently. The continuous feed backs make extremely important to have very close co-ordination amongst them. more...
Houses and Residential Buildings
Commercial Buildings
Recreational Buildings
Factory Buildings
Health Care Facilities
Public Health Engineering
Infra Structure
Internal and External Lighting
Power Generation and Transmission
Standby Generation
Paging / Nurse Calling System
Tele-Communication Systems
Close Circuit TV
Lightening Protection
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
Industrial Environment Control
Plumbing and Sanitary
Medical Gases
Fire Suppression and Life Safety
Waste Water treatment
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